~*All want a Chocobo!*~

PM - Paloma Cardigan1

The Chocobo is a fictional creature from the Final Fantasy video game series made by Square and Square Enix (Since 2003). The creature is a flightless bird, with a resemblance to galliformes and ratites, capable of being ridden and otherwise used byplayer characters during gameplay. Chocobos first appeared in Final Fantasy II and have been featured in almost all subsequentFinal Fantasy games, as well as making cameo appearances in numerous other games. A spin-off Chocobo series featuring chocobos has also been created.


The Chocobo is known for being intelligent and friendly, assisting heroes and other characters on their journeys by allowing themselves to be ridden like horses. It also on occasion demonstrates an ability to communicate with other sentient creatures. They have on occasion been used for war as well, and can be ferocious in combat.

PM - Paloma Cardigan2

While most chocobos that appear in the games are yellow, certain rare breeds are of different colors and have special abilities, including being able to fly or use magic. Chocobos are also occasionally used as lightly armored war mounts, assisting their riders in battle with their beak and claws.


A comic relief variant is the Fat Chocobo (orChubby Chocobo) character; an extremely obese yellow or white chocobo that can eat the player’s items for storage. The onomatopoeia for a chocobo’s call is “kweh” (クエkue?) (sometimes replaced with “wark” in English translations or more recently pronounced as “kway”).

PM - Paloma Cardigan3

Music composed for chocobo appearances in the Final Fantasy games was used in the Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy concert tour. Chocobos are found in the anime series Dog Days as the main form of transportation in the fantasy world of Flonyard. These giant birds are called chocobos in the series though there appears to be no relation to the chocobos in Final Fantasy or Square Enix.



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